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“Superheroes are ordinary people who make themselves eXtraordinary.” – Gerad Way


Inspired by Marvel’s X-Men, X-Runners believe that every runner is able to be a stronger version of himself/herself. If a person is looking to start running, X-Runners will motivate you. If you are looking to complete a marathon, X-Runners will achieve your goal with you. 


X-Runners is a fun-loving group with trainers and runners of varying levels, from beginner to elite runners, to motivate people to get moving, keep fit, run better and stronger and complete at least a marathon.


It is always more enjoyable running with like-minded people. We have benefited from the running community and we are giving back in our own ways.



To build a community of marathoners and help runners complete at least one marathon


We aim to inspire and motivate people, regardless of their fitness levels, to find the joy in running and become stronger, fitter, look better and eventually complete a marathon.


We believe that everyone can be a stronger version of himself or herself, physically and mentally. By being a fun-loving group, people from all walks of life can enjoy working out with us and achieve eXcellence through regularly training with us.