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Be an X-Runner

“The body achieves what the mind believes.”

To be an X-Runner, all you need is a desire and a dream.

Join us today and you could be inspiring another person tomorrow.

All members are welcome to purchase the X-Runners vest at $20/pcs and wear it to all the training sessions. To order, please email us at

X-Runners Singlet-Runner+Trainers-1.jpg
X-Runners Marathoner.jpg

The X-Runners Marathoner T-shirt is not for sale and is limited to 1 piece per member. Members completing marathon from 30 NOVEMBER 2019 onward wearing X-Runners singlet will be given a X-Runners Marathoner T-Shirt, complimentary from X-Runners Team.

X-Runners participating in local marathon, overseas marathons and ultras are required to provide photo proof of yourself in X-Runners vest taken during the race to qualify. 


To redeem your X-Runners marathoner T-shirt, please email us at

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