RUN at Marina Bay with Visit Victoria

Drop by during SCSM race pack collection on 27 Nov 2019 and join us for a last tempo run! Stay around for refreshment, mingling and talk!

We hope to see you there!

Event Details

  • Date: 27 November 2019, Wednesday

  • Time: 6pm – 8.30pm

  • Venue: MBS Convention Centre Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon REPC (RUNSG Booths No. 78 & 80)

Prevent Running Injuries with Prehabilitation Workshop

One of the most common concerns a runner has is the risk of injuries.

How can one run and yet keep injuries at bay? What exactly is prehab? How does it prevent injuries?

Join us at this workshop, jointly organised by X-Runners (link to website) and HelpHealSG (link to website) to understand more.

Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2019

The X-Runners are going to the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2019 (GCAM 2019) with Scenic Travel. GCAM is renowned for its scenic route, awesome crowd support and ambience, its flat course and the "aircon" temperature. It is an ideal overseas run for the novice and experienced runners. Contact us now to travel and train with the X-Runners and receive a special edition running vest.



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