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Featured X-Runners

Ethan Lee

Managing multiple business is in itself challenging but that's the real work. The real work is self dedication and pushing beyond limits - especially after office hours. My training for Ironman happens on a daily basis (at odd hours) even after some tough days at work. After injury in 2017, I did 58 races in 2018 and scheduled to do 50 races in 2019. Challenges are meant to be overcome and Ironman trains the human mind and body to strive to achieve the impossible through self-belief.



I have been running for many years but it is only through group training under experienced trainers that i was able to improve and run consistently. Most importantly, i get to meet like-minded individuals with similar passion to running with the correct form to stay healthy, be socially connected and obviously looking fit and good.

CS Lim, 71. Ceramic Art Teacher (2018)

Lim CS-1.jpeg


4:03:58…4:03:59….4:04:00! ........ 42.195 km in 4 hours and 4 mins! Overcoming tiredness, sheer mental and physical exhaustion....I crossed the finishing line of my first Standard Chartered Marathon!


Each day, I am encouraged by achievements that I have made. They make me more complete. I look to the future with anticipation and enthusiasm. I see more PBs fall and see greater heights scaled. I journey with confidence, knowing that I have a great friend around me to guide and support me. They are the wind beneath my wings.


I am driven. I desire to excel. I am fuelled by passion. I will achieve!


Neyton Tan

I am passionate about running and triathlon since 2008 and have completed more than 25 marathons, 5 half Ironman distance races and 1 Ironman race within the region. I have also cycled 1000km to raise funds for Kidney Dialysis Foundation and swam 288 laps for charity at Safra Swim for Hope. 


I like conducting run training programs since 2016 for various ability groups with emphasis on running form and run efficiency. I am also keen to give more to the community by sharing my knowledge on integrating a healthy lifestyle for everyone and continues to challenge myself.



2 years ago, I noticed that my timing was degrading in my races year on year instead of improving.  I decided that there was no purpose in taking part in races if I did not change my ways, but expecting a different result.  By challenging my way of thinking, I tuned the way and the duration that I trained, and I was able to achieve much better race timings, massive weight loss, and a much fitter body that’s more resilient to the stresses encountered in my daily life.  Now, I treat every race as an opportunity to exceed what I have previously achieved, against my mind.

Derrick Teng.jpg


I am an X-ceptionally serious runner! :) 

Running is my passion and I have benefited from it. It plays a big role in nurturing my life aptitude and shaping my character.  Regardless of run distances, be it IPPT 2.4km, 100km ultra marathon or just a training session, I believe every run deserves the best preparation, effort and outcome and I will put in my wholehearted efforts to get the best out of each run.   


As X-Runner, I hope to continue to run with my best effort and share the passion with like-minded people. 

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