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888 兔gether CNY Relay Run

Presented by X Runners Sg

All are welcome to join a Team Relay Run where you will be randomly assigned.

Make new friends and run for oranges to roll for the big prize at the end.

Hop into prosperous Rabbit Year ahead!

Date: 05 Feb 2023, Sunday

Venue: Sports Hub 100 Plus Promenade Gate 6

Time: 8:00AM (Registration starts 7:30AM)

#wearRED #Bring2Oranges

1. Registration

Event is free for all, all are welcome.

Register via Wix app

Participants are welcome to contribute at multiples of $8.88 at own wish. Paynow Poh Sim.

3. Relay Rules

a. Registration Participants gather at Gate 6. Relay teams of 6-8 pax per team will be randomly assigned through lucky dip (Team 1 up to Team 8) All participants are required to bring 2 oranges, with their name written on the oranges. b. Conduct of relay Each runner is required to carry their 2 oranges, run 880m. Runner 1 of each team will take one of the chinese characters "gong xi fa cai wan shi ru yi" from one of the 3 foam boxes. Runner 1 will then hop 8m (with 2 hands on top of head akin to rabbit ears). Runner 1 to place the chinese character in front of his/her relay team at the holding area & communicate to Runner 2 what (other) chinese character to take. This will go on until the first relay team forms "gong xi fa cai wan shi ru yi" (in chinese) c. Relay prizes Champion team will get 16 extra oranges for the Lucky Roll; Runner-up team 12 extra oranges & 2nd runner-up team will get 8 extra oranges. d. Lucky Roll Participants will form a circle. Cones will be placed around a center pin. Each participant will roll their oranges towards the pin. The participant with his or her orange nearest to the pin will get the top prize. We would have up to 5 prizes (tbc). RUN 880m > Dig word > Hop 8m & pass oranges > Form words

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